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Getting started

On this page you can read general information about SAMI VIDEO PITCH platform. You can also check our FAQ page where we tried to answer some common questions about our platform and process of video pitch recording. If you didn’t find an answer to your question we will be glad to help you. Please send us a message from the contact form here.


Hi! This is a quick introduction to our online video pitch platform - SAMI VIDEO PITCH.

SAMI VIDEO PITCH is an easy-to-use online platform to create, host and handle startups’ video pitches.

We help startups and startup ecosystem supporters such as incubators, accelerators and tech-conf organizers to organize online startup events, generate new sales leads and gather feedback to pitches using pre recorded video materials.

On our platform any startup can create a video pitch in a few simple steps. Startups can record their video pitches without installing additional software. The quality of the video is not affected by the internet speed with our technology and all of the pitches will be in the same format.

All you need is a modern web-browser and a web-camera.

How to create video pitch?

Step 1. Preparation.

In order to record understandable and impressive video pitch, please make sure that:

- Your room has enough light.
- No distracting items on your background.
- You are located in a silent room.
- Better to use an external microphone.

Step 2. Recording.

On the recording page please write your email address which you wrote in the application form.

Upload your presentation.

- You will get a warning if your presentation size or number of slides don’t match values required by your event or program.
- You will see the presentation and your face in the speaker’s window on the presentation. This is how your pitch will look in the end. You can adjust your presentation text accordingly so it won’t be covered by the speaker’s window.

Record your pitch.

After recording, you can cut the beginning and the end of the video. And also, you can re-record it. (Usually recording of the video pitch is divided in 3 parts: Greeting - With Pitch deck - Closing Remark).

After recording all of the required parts, you will be able to check recorded videos again. From here you can go back to any part of the video-pitch to re-record or re-cut it.

Choose who can access your video pitch.
After checking your video, you will have to decide who will be able to access your video pitch. You can read more about it here.

Submit video-pitch.

After choosing who can access your pitch, you will need to write your Project/Company name and submit recorded files. They will be uploaded to our server.

Step 3. Result.

We will send you a link to your video pitch by email.

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