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Make your online program well-organized

SAMI VIDEO PITCH is a web-based platform that makes it easy to record and handle startups’ video pitches

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The easiest way to collect video pitches in the format you need

Enable startups to record pitches from web browsers in a few steps.


Get a full control over startups’ video pitch

Easy to store, find and share startups’ video pitches.

How it works

Create a recording page

Set parameters to unify a format of video pitches (length, slide count, etc.) and generate a unique link for your recording page.

Let startups record their video pitches

Share a link to the recording page with your startups and make it easy to create their video pitches.

Handle video pitches

Check all recorded video pitches on a single page and easily control an access to the video pitches.


Take ownership of video pitches you collect

You can set 10+ parameters for your recording page to unify the format of video pitch you need.

Each project has its own recording page

Recording pages are easy to create per a project. Each recording page has unique parameters.

Easy to create clear video pitch

You only need a web browser to record video pitch. Video quality isn’t affected by Internet connection.

Necessary tools for recording are all included

Users can cut video, check timer for remaining time and use a prompter to record a great pitch.

The pitches you need are easy to find

Recorded pitches will be listed on a special page where you can easily find the video you need.

Easy to use recorded video

All of the recorded videos can be downloaded in mp4 video file format which is supported on any streaming platform. You can also easily create a share link to any video.


SAMI VIDEO PITCH can be used for:

Event Organizers

Create your own pitch recording page with 10+ settable parameters. Recorded video pitches in the same format are easy to utilize for online startup events.


Utilize video pitches for understanding your candidate more deeply, holding effective weekly online MTG, collecting feedback to pitches, and organizing online Demo Day more stable.


Apply, Record and Submit your video pitch. We’ll show it to the international investors community.

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