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Here we tried to answer common questions about SAMI VIDEO PITCH platform. You can also check our “Getting started” page to learn how to record video pitch and get information about technical requirements. If you didn’t find an answer to your question we will be glad to help you. Please send us a message from the contact form or by e-mail (support@video-pitch.com).

Preparation before recording your video pitch

Pitch format

Is it possible not to record some parts of the video pitch?

If you want to skip some parts of the recording steps, please write to us about it from here. We will come back to you soon.

Presentation format

My presentation can not be uploaded. Why?


Aspect ratio of the presentation is not 16:9. Please choose another file.
The ratio between presentation width and presentation height (aspect ratio) does not equal 16:9. For example: presentation format - width 720, height 405. 720/405 = 16/9. This is correct aspect ratio. When you save your presentation in the proper format you can try to upload it again. Here you can check your presentation aspect ratio.

Presentation page number is more than XX. Please choose another file.
This means that the event organizer (for whom you record this pitch) has set the limit on the slides number. Your presentation has more slides than the limit.

Please check:
whether the slide format is correct or not (You can find it on the page where you fill in the application form)
- how many slides in your presentation (There might be a limit on the number of slides. You can find it on the page where you fill in the application form)
- whether your browser is supported or not (You can find our technical requirements here)

How to resize my presentation:

How to change aspect ratio of a MS PowerPoint presentation to 16:9:


Google Slides
How to change aspect ratio of Google Slides presentation to 16:9:


Other apps:
If you can manually set the size of the slides, you can use a calculator:


Which part of my presentation will be covered by subtitles?

You can find how subtitiles cover the slide and their size on a video here.

Best practices

What could influence recording and upload processes?

Recording a video is a resource-consuming process for the browser. So make sure to free up resources to perform this task smoothly:

- close any unused applications or browser tabs
- stop any background downloading activities or streaming video content
- connect your laptop to a power source

When you upload the files ensure you have a stable network connection.

About recording video pitch

Record video

On the first page I can't enter the email and have an error message ("Attention").
What should I do?

- Refresh the recording page
- Update Chrome or Firefox to the lastest version.
- Check the connection of external camera or microphone if you use them
- Check you gave permission to your web camera and microphone in your web browser settings
- Close other applications or browser tabs which may require the access to your web camera and microphone

If you can't enter the email on the first page you are likely to see one of the following errors:
- Hardware/OS error. Not possible to run the service. Try to close other applications which use webcam and refresh this page. It most commonly happens on Windows when camera or microphone is already in use by some other application (by Skype, Zoom, other tab of the browser, etc.). Close those applications and refresh the page. Even if you don't have a video call at the moment some applications may run in the background. Make sure to close them as well. You can also try connecting and using another web-camera.

- Missing input track (video or audio). Check your camera and mic and refresh this page. This error means that the user does not have a web camera OR a microphone. If you have an external camera or microphone check its connection to the computer and refresh the page.

- To continue please give access to your camera and microphone and refresh this page. The error is shown when the user denied or has previously denied the access to camera or microphone. If you don't see a prompt asking for permission click on the camera icon near the website URL on top of the tab and grant the permission. Refresh the page.

- This browser does not support video recording. Try using Google Chrome or Firefox browser. To record your video the service is using some built-in features of the browser. Today not all browsers could implement recording of the video from the web camera. For example, Safari browser started supporting video recording only recently, after 14.1 version. Browsers that support video recording are of the following versions: Google Chrome 49 and higher, Mozilla Firefox 29 and higher, Safari 14.1 and higher.

I clicked the “START” button, but nothing happened. What shall I do?

Ensure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and no other application is using your webcam or microphone. Check the connection of external camera or microphone if you use them

During the recording my video has freezed/audio became delayed. How can I fix it?

First of all, you should check the recorded video. If video and audio are out of sync (audio doesn’t match the video), you have to record pitch again.

The latency may occur because your PC is running out of resources to process video. In order to avoid it, try to close unused browser tabs and other applications.

Also it’s better to pause all file downloading\uploading activity if you have it running in the background.

I have made a mistake in my pitch. Can I correct it without recording the whole pitch once again?

If the mistake was either at the beginning or at the end of the video, you can cut it on the step “Cut Video". However, if it was in the middle of the video, you have to re-record it again.

Check video

Is it possible to see the recorded video before submitting?

You can check all of the recorded parts before sending them to us. After we receive the parts from you, we will merge them and add fade effects. We even may make subtitles. Completed video will be sent to you by email.

After recording all required video parts, can I go back and  re-record them again?

Yes, you can return to any video part from the last page where you can check all of the recorded parts. In the side menu you can click on the required video part.

Can I get the original file of my video pitch?

Please write to us about it from here. We will send you the download linkof your video pitch.

Submit video

I submitted all of the video pitch files, but I didn’t receive an email with a link to the video pitch. What should I do?

Normally it takes up to 15 minutes to process the video. If you don’t get the email with your video pitch within 1 hour after successful submission, please write to us (support@video-pitch.com) about it and tell us under what company or project name it was submitted.

What does it mean "Your video pitch will be available for"?

Before submitting it to the organizer, you can choose the availability of your video pitch.

Anyone - After the event, the pitch can be published in the social networks of the organizer.
Project managers and their business partners - The pitch will be available for the project organizers and their business partners.
Only project managers - The pitch will be available only for the project organizers.

Other questions

In what languages should I record my video pitch?

As we help you to make contact with foreign investors or partners, English is recommended. On the recording page, you can use a prompter to read the text for your pitch.

Can I insert my own video to my recorded video pitch?

Our platform doesn’t have this feature at the moment but we might help you. Please write to us about it from here. We will come back to you soon.

How do I get my video pitch? Is there any page where a startup can see all of its recorded pitches?

A link to your video pitch will be sent to your email address which you wrote before recording. Currently you can’t see all of your recorded pitches on a single page but we are working on this feature.

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