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9 tips for your engaging pitch video

A captivating pitch video can grab and retain your audience's attention, even if they're multitasking. A study by Microsoft found that attention spans are decreasing, with the average human attention span being just 8 seconds in 2015.  To ensure your video pitch isn't distracting, here are 9 tips to make it more effective:

Appearance and Setting

  1. Sit in the center of the webcam frame
  2. Choose a well-lit room facing a window
  3. Choose a background that is visually appealing or monochromatic

Audio Quality

  1. Find a quiet location to record
  2. Turn off any notifications on your devices
  3. Invest in a headset or lavalier microphone for clear audio

Slide Design

  1. Keep slides minimal with limited text
  2. Use clear and easy-to-understand charts
  3. Provide space for speaker's window on the slides

By following these tips, you can create a pitch video that effectively communicates your ideas and keeps your audience engaged. 

You can also use the free SAMI VIDEO PITCH tool to create your pitch video.

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