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Stay Home Pitch

On June 30, STAY HOME PITCH - an online pitch session with innovative solutions which improve the quality of life at home was held with Japanese venture investors.

The event was organized by the Japanese Association for Trade with Russia and Newly Independent States (ROTOBO) with the support of SAMI VIDEO PITCH.

The startups applied for the event from different Russian cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, etc.

Finally, the best 10 startups were selected.

1. UNWU - A service to monitor the condition of the user working at the computer with a virtual assistant.

2. MyGenetics - Gene research for personal nutrition and exercise plans, disease prevention.

3. NeuroScan - Hardware and software system for mobile assessment of a person's physiological and neuro-psychological state.

4. TrainWith.Pro - SaaS solution for personal or group remote fitness guidance.

5. meCare - Tools for initial screening of malignant neoplasms, even at home.

6. VR Concept - A prototyping software for collaborative work with digital twins in the virtual reality.

7. Myspark - Bracelet (portable electromyograph).

8. AIvarix - Virtual phlebologist with artificial intelligence that identifies varicose veins by photo.

9. Scan Face - CV & ML based psychodiagnosis by photo.

10. ClimateGuard - Comprehensive indoor climate monitoring service.

On the day of the event, two events were streamed in parallel - in English and in Japanese. The streaming longed for 2 hours including Q&A sessions with startups. Actually, all the video materials were pre-recorded through our SAMI VIDEO PITCH platform, but people didn't realize it because of it was masterfully edited.

STAY HOME PITCH was attended by 120 people (out of 136 registered).

They were mainly top managers from major Japanese corporations such as SoftBank, HITACHI, Toyota Tsusho, etc.

During the pitch session,
- 201 presentation materials were downloaded,
- 75 people actively voted for startups,
- 17 meeting requests were submitted,and
- 7 online B2B meetings were scheduled.

As winners of this pitch contest, were selected NeuroScan and UNWU

As rewards for the winners, ROTOBO will write a three-page article about each winner in a their journal, which is read each month by more than 1,000 Japanese corporations, investors, etc..

It turns out that online events can be alternative of the offline event. We got leads 5 times more compared to the usual pitch session! Moreover, the online event allows investors and startups to communication each other faster and more effectively.

We are convinced that the future belongs to online formats,
That's why there will be a lot of interesting online events ahead of you!

In conclusion, on behalf of the organizers of the event, we would like to thank our partners, who helped with the attraction of startups and spread information about the pitch session:

"Ingria Business Incubator", "Akadempark", "Zhigulevskaya Valley", the Higher School of Economics (Moscow).

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